Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back from the Moonflower!!!

One reason Alaska kicks ass!

Oh yeah, and stuff like this:

Managed the North Butress of Mt. Hunter to the top of the Bibler Come Again Exit in 38hrs roundtrip from Kahiltna! Stoked!!!

It was a blast climbing with Montanan Nate Opp (first time we'd ever met) and I look forward to future adventures!
Only eight weeks until CHINA!!!


Chad's page... said...

Kyle, inspiring as usual. Dammit it all, Hunter, my dream.

Take care, my friend.


chaseinafrica said...

Hey Kyle,
seeing the blog for the first time. Thoroughly impressed! Sitting in Mozambique thinking about a thrill these stories are. Can't wait to talk you into climbing with me when I get home to the succulent SLC.

Keep it up!