Friday, December 11, 2009

Holy crap, a blog post!

It's been a while... Probably the most common line in any long forgotten blog. Well indeed it has been a while and although adventures have taken on new directions, life continues to motivate, educate, and be extraordinarily rad.

Coffee shop ownership is the forefront of my daily activities. New, exciting, and busy all packed into one didactic experience that tests patience, creativity, and balance. I am learning.
It seems climbing is also taking on new directions. Home from an epic season in Asia I have been given the privilege to write the feature article for next years American Alpine Journal. European mags contact me to write articles. All I want is to scale. I realize romanticizing the past with written words provides inspiration for others but I crave the future. Climbs, adventures, cultures, and camaraderie. Soon.

This post and the several above, I must admit, would not have been written had it not been for a wonderful opportunity I have been given by a friend of mine at KSL radio, Mr. Russ Smith. Tomorrow I will sit in on his Outdoor Utah program aired on AM 1160 and FM 102.7. He has motivated me to put the above pics from Asia on line and graciously given me the airtime to talk about the sport I love. Hope you tune in.

A dedicated return to the blog

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